France-India Economy and Business Who’s Who

1- Interested in importing from France?



The French Suppliers Directory and Portal. UBIFRANCE promotes technologies, products, services and know-how from France, and puts French-based professionals in contact with their international counterparts.




2- Interested in further developing your business in France?


IFCCIIndo-French Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

The main objective of the IFCCI is to assist companies in doing business between France and India. The mandate of the IFCCI is to act as a one-stop-shop on information on India, support the development of business through ongoing data and information dissemination, assistance to trade and investment missions, assistance to individual firms to augment business relations and to promote special events organised by the IFCCI, including trade fairs, business summits, conferences and seminars.




3- Interested in French Trade Show schedules?


Paris Expo

A subsidiary of leading French property company Unibail, Paris Expo is responsible for the group’s convention and exhibition activities. Paris Expo groups 7 venues under a single brand – a European first. Hosting more than 900 events each year, Paris Expo is a major player in the event, congress, trade fairs and exhibition sectors.

Site: Paris Expo



Promosalons optimises the international attendance of French professional trade shows, fairs and exhibit venues.

Site: Promosalons



4- Interested in French patent laws and certification information?



Within a context of trade globalisation and the pursuit of competitiveness, the AFNOR Group, which brings together the activities of both AFAQ and AFNOR, is the preferred partner of most socio-economic players. The AFNOR Group has demonstrated its expertise in four complementary activities- Standardisation, Publications and distribution of information products, Training and Certification.



EPO - European Patent Organisation

The European Patent Organisation is an intergovernmental organisation. It has two bodies, the European Patent Office and the Administrative Council, which supervises the Office’s activities. The Organisation currently has 34 member states.

Site: EPO


INPI - Institut National De La Propriete industrielle

INPI is a public establishment, self-financed and supervised by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment. It issues patents, trademarks, drawings and patterns and provides information concerning patent rights and companies. The organisation engages in the implementation of public policies for patent rights and fight against infringement of patents.

Note: In French.

Site: INPI



5- Food Processing


ADEPTA (Equipment for food processing)

A club of professionals with a membership of more than 200 businesses located all over France together with research institutes, technical centres and engineering offices.



SOPEXA (Promotion of French Food and Beverages)

Producers, purchasers and agribusiness professionals offer quality services and key information tailored to ones needs.



Ifremer – French Research Institute For Exploration of The Sea

Through studies and expert assessments, Ifremer contributes to the field of marine research monitoring of oceanic and coastal zones and the sustainable development of maritime activities.

Site: Ifremer



6- Non Food Consumer Goods

Comite Colbert (Luxury Brands)

This association has a membership of 68 houses of luxury whose object is to collectively promote their shared values in France and internationally. Their quest is to combine tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and creativity, history and innovation.

Site: Comite Colbert


Groupe des Exportateurs de Meuble (Furniture)

GEM is a group of furniture exporters which supports professionals in the French furniture & furnishings trade approaching foreign markets.

Site: Groupe des Exportateurs de Meuble


Fédération Française Du Prêt A Porter Féminin (Woman Fashion)

Created by the major players of the industry in 1929, the Fédération Française du Prêt-A-Porter Féminin plays a central role in the developing and defining the future trends of fashion in France. The Federation is today a key player in terms of advertising, sales and helping new designers to set up business.

Site: Fédération Française Du Prêt A Porter Féminin



7- Energy


Gimélec accounts for more than 220 companies working in the energy efficiency sector and aims at providing capital goods, systems and solutions for energy applications in industrial and services sector.

Note: In French




It is a public body established in October 1945 by General de Gaulle. A leader in research, development and innovation, the CEA mission statement has two main objectives: To become the leading technological research organization in Europe and to ensure that the nuclear deterrent remains effective in the future.

Site: CEA


GEP – Oil and Gas Industry French Suppliers Council

GEP, the Trade Association for the Oil & Gas Industry, is a non profit association created in 1953. GEP represents the interests of about 140 companies registered in France: engineers, contractors, equipment suppliers and service companies working for the international oil & gas industry.

Site: GEP


IFP – Institut Français Du Pétrole

As an international research and training centre, IFP is developing the transport energies of the 21st century. It provides public players and industry with innovative solutions for a smooth transition to the energies and materials of tomorrow – more efficient, more economical, cleaner and sustainable.

Site: IFP



8- Environment


ADEME - French Environment And Energy Management

Ademe is an industrial and commercial public agency, under the joint supervision of French Ministries for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning (MEDAD) and for Higher Education and Research.



Ministère De L’Ecologie du Développement et de l’Aménagement Durables

The Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development and Planning was created June, 1st 2007. It’s main focus Is on research, biodiversity and landscape, climate change, water and aquatic environment, pollution and risks, as well as sustainable development.

Note: In French

Site: Ministère De L’Ecologie du Développement et de l’Aménagement Durables



9- Information Technology


ADIT- Agence pour la diffusion de l’information technologique

As a French leader in business intelligence, ADIT is at the disposal of French companies and institutions for it’s skills and networks in strategy consultancy and competition intelligence It assists companies in international development, relying on its strong internal analysis capabilities.

Note: Site in French

Site: ADIT


CNIL - Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés

Founded by the Act of January 6, 1978, the French National Commission for Data protection and the Liberties is an independent administrative authority. The CNIL is a pluralist college composed to 17 personalities, is an administrative body and it works to inform people concerned of their rights and obligations.

Site: CNIL


INRIA - The French National Institute For Research In Computer Science And Control

Forty years after its creation, INRIA’s strategy continues to focus on regional development and integration with a view to enhancing competitiveness and pushing forward ICST innovation.




10- Infrastructure


GIE - Groupement D’Interet Economique des aménageurs et développeurs en France
To help keep the growth of conurbations under control, major urban planners in France have decided to combine their experience and expertise in fields such as the development of new towns and business centres, territorial restructuring as well as land planning and management.

Site: GIE



11- Engineering


Syntec Ingénierie - French engineering in the world

Syntec-Ingénierie unites companies exercising an activity in assistance or technical study and design, engineering, technology consultancy, monitoring or inspection .

Site: Syntec Ingénierie



12- Manufacturing


Fiev - French Vehicle Equipment Industries
The French Automotive Equipment Industries Association, provides representation for its member companies vis-à-vis both the public authorities and the client sectors. It voices the concerns of the automotive equipment industry on themes where a common interest is at stake

Note: In French

Site: Fiev


UIMM - Union of Metal manufacturing, Mining, Engineering, Electrical and metal equipment and Allied Industries
The UIMM is an industry federation, gathering 130 national trade associations dealing with technical and economic matters, and 93 regional employers’ associations which relieve, at regional level. The activities covered by this decentralised organisation are very wide: foundries, aerospace manufacturing, mechanical and electronical industries, car manufacturing, rail transport

Site: UIMM


UCMTF – French Association of Textile Manufacturers

UCMTF comprises approximately 35 companies. Some are world leaders on their markets; others, which often are small and medium size companies, originally family-owned, develop, sell and service specialized machines with a high technological level.



SymopSyndicat Des Entreprises De Technologies De Production

The association of manufacturers of machine tools, welding, assembly and associated production equipment - brings together almost 100 companies to discuss common concerns related to their professions, and to defend and promote their interests.

Site: Symop



13- Pharmacy


LEEM – Les entreprises du médicament

The Leem (French Pharmaceutical Companies Association) is a constituted professional organization that represents the pharmaceutical industry in France, i.e. the companies whose mission is research, development, manufacturing and marketing of medicinal products.
The Leem is in charge of conducting the analysis and promotion of its members’ economic, industrial, and commercial interests, as well as of the promotion of the image of the pharmaceutical industry in France.

Site : LEEM


APGI – Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle

APGI created in 1964 in Paris, and is an association accessible to all, academics and persons in industry, who are concerned with pharmaceutical technology, and the design, formulation and pharmacotechnical, biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic assessment of dosage forms and delivery systems, whether pharmaceutical or dermopharmaceutical. APGI has members covering more than 30 different nationalities and counts contacts and friends in over 50 countries.

Site: APGI



14- Transport


FIF – Federation Des industries Ferroviaires

FIF regroups some 50 companies and its membership, which represents the full range of railway industrial activities, includes rolling stock manufacturers, engineering firms, railway equipment suppliers, track and signalling industries, design offices, testing centres, etc. FIF truly encompasses all the players and stakeholders in the railway industrial chain.

Site: FIF


GIFASGroupement Des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques Et Spatiales

GIFAS, the French aerospace industries association, has more than 250 members, from major prime contractors and system suppliers to small specialist companies. They cover the full spectrum of skills from the design, development and production of aerospace systems and equipment to maintenance and operation. Activities extend from civil and military aircraft and helicopters to engines, missiles and armament, satellites and launch vehicles, plus aerospace, defence and security major systems, equipment, subassemblies and associated software. 



15- Architecture


AFEX - Architectes Français a l’Export

AFEX is an association of a hundred architects whom, together with engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers, surveyors and industrialists pool their experience to promote French savoir-faire throughout the world.

Site: AFEX

Published on 27/07/2012

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