Indo-French university cooperation

The expansion of university cooperation with India is a priority for France.

Approximately 2,600 Indian students are currently studying in French universities. This figure has recently undergone a sharp growth, having practically doubled over the past five years. To lure Indian students, France has been making substantial efforts primarily in two directions: support for scholarship programmes (the number of scholarships available was doubled in 2007) and support for Indian and French institutions to develop inter-university agreements. A bilateral agreement to intensify cooperation in the fields of education, higher education and research between India and France was signed in February 2013 during the French President’s state visit to India.

Ties between French and Indian universities

Strengthening ties between French and Indian higher education establishments is of key importance for French universities today and is facilitated by the 2007 law refurbishing the entire administrative architecture of French universities.

The following measures have been taken over the past years to promote exchanges:
- 9 CampusFrance offices ( are established in major Indian cities (Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata Mumbai and Pune), to promote studying in France and assist Indian students seeking admission in French universities.
- French tutors are appointed in various university campuses throughout India, where they teach French to students from all disciplines. Their mission also involves fostering cultural understanding between France and India.
- The language barrier has been considerably lowered in recent years: you no longer need to speak French to take one of the 700 courses taught in English all over France, most of them at the master’s degree level.
- A wide array of scholarships are available to Indian students: merit scholarships offered by the French government or by specific institutions, corporate grants, European Erasmus Mundus sholarships or regional scholarships… See the Campus France website for further information:
- Temporary work visas are now readily available for students who wish to stay on in France after they’ve completed their education, to gain work experience and capitalize on the professional/academic contacts they may have made.
- 450 partnerships have been signed between French and Indian institutions of higher education whereby French and Indian students participate in exchange programs or joint degree programs. The agreements between French and Indian universities cover the whole range of academic fields and vocational training, from the social sciences and humanities to finance, business and management, or even applied mechanics and high tech research.

Last modified on 07/11/2013

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